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President Bopp's Blog

How to find the perfect college fit

Today is the College Fair here at Holy Trinity! We are so excited to welcome over 30 representatives from colleges and universities across the country to HT to speak with our student body. To help our students prepare, I've asked Dr. Colette Blakely, Holy Trinity's Director of Guidance and Counseling, to compile a list of questions to ask a college rep. These are a great tool to use today at the fair or when you're visiting college campuses!

Top Five Types of Questions to ask College Reps:

#1 Questions regarding academics:
• What majors are offered on campus?
• Are there any five-year programs offered (engineering, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) that ends with a master’s degree, certification, or higher?
• What percent of applicants are admitted? What information is required in your admission process?
• What is the average ACT/SAT score and the average grade point of your admitted students?
• What percent of students graduate on time, in four years?
• What is the average size of classes that a majority of freshmen typically take?
• How many classes does an average freshman usually take first semester?
• Do undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research?

#2 Questions regarding campus life:
• What do students enjoy most (and least) about this college or university?
• Is the student body diverse (both racially and culturally), gender ratio, etc.?
• What do students do for fun?
• What percent of students live on campus, and do they typically stay on campus during weekends?
• What sororities and fraternities do you have on campus?
• Where is the nearest community/town?

#3 Questions regarding financial aid:
• Does your school offer financial aid? How does that process work?
• What percentage of students received financial aid this year?
• Does your school have special scholarship competitions?
• When do applicants learn whether they will receive financial aid from the college?
• Should my parents complete the FAFSA and/or a CSS/Financial Aid Profile?

#4 Questions regarding sports/athletics:
• What sport division is at your institution?
• Do you offer scholarships for playing sports?
• Do students need to register with Clearinghouse (online) to compete for athletic scholarships?
• Is there a fee to use the gym and workout equipment on campus?
• What intramural sports and/or club sports are there at your school?

#5 Questions regarding global experiences:
• Is there an international exchange program?
• What qualifications are there for participating in the program?
• Are students allowed to study abroad for a length of time (quarter, semester, or year)?
• What internships are offered internationally?

To read more about Holy Trinity's counseling program, click here.
Posted by moira on Thursday October 2 at 10:07AM
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A new HT tradition

Holy Trinity has started a new tradition, Freshman Convocation! Some may ask why do you need another school-sponsored event, as students are already in school and in their routine, why create another meeting that parents, teachers, alumni, Board members and students feel obligated to attend? The fact is that there are very few events when an entire community comes together. Graduation is the traditional lone exception, although at Holy Trinity, our unique Robing Ceremony brings participation from all groups. However, Graduation and the Robing Ceremony occur late in the school year and waiting until May or June, removes the opportunity to make that all-important first impression upon your freshmen and their parents.

There is obviously something very special about bringing every facet of your community together for a celebration. At Convocation, our freshmen students could not avoid, even if they tried to, the theme that there are great and varied opportunities at Holy Trinity. At most institutions, the Board of Trustees is a faceless, mysterious group of people that most know only tangentially. Here, we wanted to make abundantly clear to all, that our Board is an active and important part of the Holy Trinity experience. Board members were excited about the opportunity to meet freshmen and their parents. In fact, they still talk about their experience today, several weeks after the event! As we know, we all desire board members that feel close to our missions, and our Convocation certainly accomplished that. Moreover, our parents and students welcomed the chance to meet the board! 

More importantly however, this event provided everyone with the chance to validate their commitment to Holy Trinity. For new parents, we hope it provided the chance to reaffirm why they choose our school in the first place. For freshmen, the ceremony gave them a snapshot of the HT experience and what a wonderful opportunity they have right in front of them. For the rest of us, it reminded us why we put those unheard of hours into the school. Being all together only enhanced the feeling of teamwork and commitment. 

Posted by moira on Wednesday September 24 at 01:23PM
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Tim Bopp, President has been with Holy Trinity High School for 19 years. He is excited to be blogging about the school that he loves. 

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