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Campus Ministry

Spirit, Service, Leadership

At Holy Trinity we are committed to helping our students realize that a Holy Cross education is not simply measured by a grade, but by the quality of one’s character and one’s commitment to justice. The Campus Ministry department fulfills this commitment by offering an array of opportunities for spiritual growth, Christian service, and leadership.Annual class-level retreats seek to strengthen class unity through team building exercises, group activities, and prayer. Monthly all school masses deepen our school spirit while commemorating significant cultural and religious holidays. Additionally, our student chapel hosts weekly mass, prayer services, and other small group events to help students enrich their hearts as well as their minds.

Building upon the Holy Cross Values of integrity and family, Campus Ministry also coordinates service and social outreach projects both within our school as well as the wider Chicagoland area. Blood drives, food drives, and charity fundraisers enable students to serve within the school. Volunteering in local outreach programs allows students and staff to extend our spirit of service beyond the classroom and into the community. The Campus Ministry department strives to promote the growth of Holy Cross Values in our all of our students empowering them to become mature, well rounded, and socially responsible people of faith.

Integrity in Action: Christian Service Learning Program

 “If at times you have a marked preference for certain people, it should be for the poor, the abandoned, the most in need of education, those who have less than everyone else. It is a matter of justice to give more to those who have received less.”   -Fr. Basil Moreau, “Christian Education”

Program Overview

At Holy Trinity we are committed to helping our students realize that a Holy Cross education is not simply measured by a grade, but by the quality of one’s character and one’s commitment to justice. We strive to instill in our students a deep concern for the well-being of others, and a desire to make God “known loved and served in the world” as well as in the diverse communities in which they live.  

The Christian Service Learning (CSL) program provides our students the opportunity to do meaningful service work and reflect on that experience in the light of their faith. Through the CSL program, our students are challenged to become agents of change extending their education beyond the classroom as they develop both “the competence to see and the courage to act.”  Through service, reflection, dialogue, and prayer HT students learn the value of servant leadership, and develop a strong sense of social responsibility rooted in the values of the Brothers and the Gospel vision of Jesus Christ.   

Program Requirements

The CSL program will be a pass/fail requirement that each student must complete in order to graduate to their next year in high school.  Each academic year, students must meet the following requirements in order to receive a passing grade:

  1. Complete the minimum number of 15 hours of community service.  7.5 hours must be completed by the first semester deadline (see below), and the other 7.5 hours must be completed by the second semester deadline (see below).
  2. Upload and keep record of all service hours and activity through www.youtopia.com
  3. Actively participate in all monthly small group discussions.
  4. Complete 1 written reflection per semester, for a total of 2 written reflections per year by the deadlines below.  The required length and topic of the written reflections will be determined by the student’s grade level and will be assigned in small group.

Small Group

One Thursday every month students will be required to attend a 30 minute small group class period where they will get the opportunity to share, discuss, and reflect on their service experience and relate that experience to their faith.  This time will enable students to use their experience as a springboard for deeper dialogue and reflection relating their work to their faith and Holy Cross values.

Tracking Hours and Written Reflections

  1. Students will be responsible for uploading their own service hours to their student profile through  www.youtopia.com.
  2. When a student completes any service hours they will upload their information to www.youtopia.com within 1 week of completing the service project.  
  3. The responsibility to monitor, verify, track students’ progress will fall to the Small Group Facilitator and Campus Ministry.
Helpful Links and Online Volunteer Opportunities